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Quarella has developed an innovative and exclusive technological solution which integrates the engineered stone block production process and is known as QZERO.

By applying the QZERO process, Quarella drastically reduces any possibility of non complete curing.

Quarella has developed and implemented a perfectly adapted production sequence to harden the blocks. This involves two phases (primary and secondary) in two separate storage areas at different controlled temperatures. The process foresees the application of predefined ratios of temperatures / time steps in order to develop controlled heating and cooling reaction curves.

The result of this innovative system is a optimally cured material which demonstrates lower environmental impact compared to the products manufactured with standard block production techniques.

This process reduces the residual content of VOC (volatile organic compounds) in the mass, compared with normal production systems and guarantees that the product releases extremely limited quantities of volatile substances into the environment, neither via the atmosphere nor while subject to potential “bleaching” by the water table (dissolved in water or in other solvents). It makes the product virtually inert, and the most Eco-friendly product in its product category.

Additional environmental advantages include reduced impact of further transformation by-products and ease of end-of-life cycle disposal.