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The blocks are obtained at the end of the first three phases of processing (selection, aggregation and vibro-compacting) for marble based products. Aging lasts for about a week, after which the processing moves on to sawing, for semi-finished products, or to rough slabs. Blocks size is 120x80x305 for a total of approximately 3 m3.


The slabs produced by Quarella are designed for the most disparate uses, Kitchen Counters / Bathrooms / Window Sills and Stairs / Flooring. The following formats are available:

Marble resin:305 x 124 cm / thickness: 2 – 3 cm, other thickness on request
Quartz: 307 x 141 cm / thickness: 1,2 – 2 – 3 cm

The slabs in the standard formats are available in the following surface finishes: POLISHED and SMOOTH (semi-polished).

Chenille or Velvet Touch finish too available on quartz slabs.

The long bridge overhead crane with the longitudinal axis loads the slabs onto the trucks or containers, boxes or open top lorries. When Quarella slabs are shipped they are packaged in the following manner: the “visible” surface of the slabs, in some cases, is protected during transportation with a thin polyethylene film; it is loaded on trestles (blocked with chains and wooden clamps) or for small quantities, in bundles.

The weight of the slabs is shown in the following table:


One of the productive processes produce, from cutting of the slabs, marble chips that are ideal for the realisation of large areas, thanks to the extremely vast chromatic range.

The standard sizes available are:

60×30 / 60×60 cm
Thickness 1,2 cm or greater on request.
Other sizes: on request.
Skirting: on request.

The tiles in standard sizes are available with polished or smooth (semi-polished) surfaces. The surfaces may be further processed in the event there are other needs, including treatments related to slipperiness.