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Mapping of Quarella products compared to LEED® standards

Quarella carries out a policy focused on environmental sustainability of its products so that they are able to comply with certain parameters required by LEED ® certification system.

LEED ® is a procedure which certificates the sustainability of buildings by considering energy efficiency, water management, the site where the building is constructed, the materials and the resources used in the construction and the quality of internal environments in terms of air quality and thermal comfort.

The LEED ® certification considers the building, not the product, but it is easy to understand the fundamental role each material plays as to obtain the final score. All products involved in the project can contribute to achieve credits if they meet the requirements.

Quarella is able to contribute with its products – for those who wants to obtain a LEED ® recognition for his project – in the following LEED ® categories and credits.

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