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QZero Technology

With QZero, Quarella has perfected an innovative productive process that increases the ecological compatibility of its products.

The process of innovation takes place during aging, when the block hardens and the resin is put in a grid or mesh. With the few products that use traditional methods, the reticulation can be incomplete, causing the release of potentially harmful volatile substances.

The QZero process perfected by Quarella minimizes this risk, reducing the emission of Volatile Organic Substances (V.O.C.) to less than a hundredth, thanks to the use of a special bonding agent and a hardening procedure that takes place in the especially designed storage area.

Thanks to QZero, Quarella reduces the environmental impact of the products offered to the public and of the phases of production, transformation and disposal of its products.

QZero: from a great capacity for innovation, more respect for the environment and health.